4 Benefits Of Online Training

There are a lot of benefits of online training – FACT. With the advancement of technology and the recent shift in educational conditions due to the recent global pandemic, more businesses are utilising online training methods. And it’s easy to see why.
4 Benefits Of Online Training

Online training is beneficial to both learners and training providers. Not only does it allow for learners to access their educational information and resources whenever and wherever they want to, but it also allows for training providers, colleges and universities to provide support flexibly too.

So, if you’ve previously looked into online training or you’re wondering whether it’s time for your business to start providing useful training resources through an online platform, this post will outline the full benefits for both parties.

We’ll cover:

  • What is Online Training?
  • The Benefits of Online Training For Learners
  • The Benefits of Online Training For Providers
  • How Course Finder 365 Can Help

What is Online Training?

Without stating the obvious too much – online training is the practice of learning new skills or developing old ones through an online platform. Whether it’s online lectures, fun exercises or collaborative group work, it can be taught in various ways to suit learning styles. Plus, there’s no limit to what sector of training you can participate in online.

From leadership and management to health and wellbeing courses, there’s a wide range of options for learners to choose from. Online training is a great way of reaching out to those people who can’t attend physical training courses due to location issues – or, for matters out of their hands, like restrictions on group gatherings due to a global pandemic.

benefits of online training what is online training

It means that the wheels can continue turning, even when it may be out of hours. Having the luxury of the convenience and freedom to access your online training modules is massively beneficial. It means you can learn on-the-go and whenever you like, rather than being pinned down to certain times in physical workshops.

A lot of businesses are leaning more towards online training platforms to keep up to date with technological advancements. While still a major player in the training industry, physical classes and scheduled face to face sessions are becoming less popular year by year.

The Benefits of Online Training For Learners


Due to the busy nature of society, training providers understand that everyone isn’t going to be able to attend physical sessions. Whether it’s work, family or pleasure commitments, there can be various things that get in the way of prioritising your learning. That’s where online courses and training schemes come into play – they allow you to conveniently learn and grow as and when you like.

Whether it’s a weekend morning spent in the local coffee shop, or pulling a late-night effort once the kids are in bed, having the option to choose when you learn is massively convenient. Being able to conveniently break up your learning works wonders for productivity. It allows you to learn when you’re in the mindset, which saves those mindless hours daydreaming in a classroom about anything else other than your course, right?

Suitable For Various Learning Styles

Enrolling on a course that suits your learning style is massively important – and lucky for you, online training is designed to suit a multitude of requirements and needs. Whether you’re a visual, auditory or kinesthetic learner, there’s something for everybody – and it doesn’t matter about your computer literacy either.

benefits of online training learning styles

Visual learners need colours, graphics and neat organisation to help progress their learning. Online courses are packed with tons of visual aids that can be used alongside the syllabus to help key information stick firmly in the mind. Online lectures, Q&A sessions and guest speakers accommodate the auditory learners, who learn most effectively through hearing things and dissecting the information.

Kinesthetic learners learn by doing things and taking part in hands-on tasks. While you may be left wondering how this is accommodated in online training, if you’re this type of learner, you can benefit massively. While the information is predominantly theory taught, courses can set fun exercises and tasks for you to complete while picking up the key theories along the way.

The Benefits of Online Training For Providers

Fewer Restrictions

With physical training courses, unless you’re the only training provider, college or university in the country that provides a certain course, you’re going to have a hard time trying to attract people from all regions to travel. Whereas, with online courses, you’re not restricted to any region at all. Learners from across the country or even in other countries can enrol on to your course and still receive an amazing educational experience.

Online courses allow you to branch into markets that you couldn’t with your physical courses. For example, there are only so many places in a room that you can fill before the course is full. Whereas, with online training, there’s a larger limit to how many people you can enrol. Providing support is a lot easier too, which also enhances the capacity limit of your courses.

Cheaper to Run

Online training can be run on a purely information basis – with expert support provided as and when it’s needed. So, unlike running a physical course, you don’t need an expert tutor to be on hand all the time. Hiring course tutors is one of the biggest costs that your business can face when organising training sessions.

benefits of online training e-learning

Not only will you save on course tutors, but your overheads will also be lower. Think about it, online training courses can be carried out from various locations, so you won’t need to hire a room for a day to carry out your training. Instead, while the initial investment into the platform might be a large cost, you can run the course with little or no overheads and save money over the long term.

How Course Finder 365 Can Help

Good news! Course Finder 365 can massively help meet your online training requirements and needs. We understand that as a learner, making the change to online learning from physical learning can be quite a big step. But you needn’t worry. We work with a wide range of partners that suit a lot of different learning styles, so you can be safe in the knowledge that you’re in good hands.

With the recent changes in the ways that learning can be obtained, it’s common for people to not realise what courses are available online. A lot of providers are making the switch, not only because of the recent pandemic but also to keep up with technological advancements and preferences. At Course Finder 365, we work hard to match you with the perfect course that’ll suit your individual needs.

While it’s important for the learner to find a perfect match – it’s just as important for training providers, colleges and universities to find the right students too. Think about it, training providers want their pass rates to be as high as possible and their students to have a seamless experience when enrolled with them. If they’re not the right fit, it’s possible that these two factors won’t reach their overall potential.

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At Course Finder 365, we work with a lot of reputable training providers and ensure that their courses are filled with like-minded, willing learners.

Course Finder 365 Can Help All Learners and Businesses Get Online!

As you’ve just read, there are various benefits to online training. If you’re a learner, the unrivalled convenience and tailored delivery to your learning style are unrivalled. Therefore, you can start being more productive when learning and putting your key takeaways into practice within your operations much more effectively.

As a training provider, widening your approach online can result in a plethora of advantages for your company. Not only will more people be more aware of your brand, but you’ll be targeting a wider talent pool. This means that you’re almost guaranteed the most perfect students possible and have the potential to run more courses than ever – sounds great, right?

At Course Finder 365, we’re here to help people make the switch to online training. Whilst it may be a little daunting at first – we know what it’s like when you don’t know what you’re looking for in a course or don’t know how to market yourself to a new audience, we can help. Don’t just take our word for it though!

Why not download our free partner pack today? It outlines everything you need to know about our approach when working with learners, training providers, colleges and universities. So, you can get a clearer picture and take the first step towards making the big switch to online training today!