Course Finder 365 - How We Can Help

For learners, finding the perfect course to meet your requirements and needs can be frustrating. You’re investing your hard-earned money into learning new skills or developing older ones, so you want to be sure that you’re making the right choice, right?
Course Finder 365 -  How We Can Help

At Course Finder 365, we understand the importance of finding the right training provider, college or university that suits your learning style. Whilst we cater for learners, we also understand the frustrations on the other side of the spectrum. Not only do learners have to find the perfect match, but training providers also need to find the ideal students to fill their courses.

Well, what if we were to tell you that we’re here to help alleviate any frustrations and worries for both parties? Our innovative platform is the perfect solution to help match learners with their ideal educational choice and providers with an array of perfect student types for their courses. But how? This post will reveal all.

We’ll cover:

  • What is the Course Finder 365 Platform?
  • How Course Finder 365 Can Help Learners
  • How Course Finder 365 Can Help Training Providers, Colleges and Universities

What is the Course Finder 365 Platform? 

Finding the right training course for your personal or team members’ development can be pretty frustrating. Not only are there millions of training providers on the market, but they all position themselves to be the best course for you. Whilst this is only natural, businesses aren’t going to market themselves as anything else, it’s not always true.

So, we’ve designed an innovative platform that helps inspire growth. It’s the perfect tool to match learners with their perfect training requirements, while also helping training providers, colleges and universities fill their courses with like-minded, willing learners. We aim to take care of both parties and can accommodate a wide range of training sectors.

Course Finder 365 Course Students

From management and leadership to driver training and first-aid courses, Course Finder 365 offers a service that spans a wide range of industries. That way, we’re inclusive to all learners, training providers, colleges and universities and can successfully meet their every need. After all, people in all industries prioritise their learning and development, don’t they?

The platform can be used in a variety of beneficial ways for both sides of the coin. Learners can research course options and businesses, whilst weighing up how they fare against industry competition. Learners can shortlist their options so that they know whichever course they’re looking at enrolling on is the right one for them.

Whereas, training providers, colleges and universities can advertise their course offerings to a wide audience range. By putting courses in front of the right people, you’re maximising the chances of securing the perfect student type to benefit from your syllabus, aren’t you?

How Course Finder 365 Can Help Learners

A Wide Range of Options

Course Finder 365 covers a wide range of industries and training sectors – which means there’s a variety of choice when it comes to choosing your best options. Not only is there a large selection, but each industry has a vast array of options within itself. That way, learners can be sure that they’re choosing the right course to suit their availability and learning style.

When choosing a course, there’s nothing worse than a limited range of options, is there? When this is the scenario, learners end up settling for the one that suits them the most and in some cases, that’s not good enough for it to be a perfect match. When looking for the ideal course offering, you want to be 100 percent certain that the course you’re choosing is nothing short of ideal.

If learners end up settling, they’re restricting their potential. There’ll be some part of the course that they won’t be able to interact with properly. This is what we aim to eliminate at Course Finder 365. Our expert team works tirelessly to find the course that’s just right for you – plus, it’s all in one place, so you’re not having to flick through multiple browser tabs when shortlisting your options.

Easily Navigable 

As a service that aims to take away the stresses of finding the right courses for your needs and requirements, it’d be massively counterproductive if our platform was hard to use, wouldn’t it? So, we’ve designed our bespoke site with the users best interests at the forefront of our minds. Learners can browse, compare and enquire all at the click of a button, so the right option isn’t far away at any given time.

Course Finder 365 Student Comparing Courses

When comparing courses and weighing up your options, our easily navigable platform makes it incredibly less stressful. Long gone are the days of having multiple sites open and university and college prospectuses ear-marked on the relevant pages. Having them all in one easy to use dashboard allows for full visibility and fills learners with confidence that they’re making the right informed choice.

How Course Finder 365 Can Help Training Providers, Colleges and Universities

Increase Brand Awareness

When using our platform, training providers, colleges and universities can advertise their courses to a large pool of like-minded, willing learners that they might not necessarily have had access to previously. By advertising to learners that you might not have reached before, you’ll be increasing your brand awareness and making yourself more well known within your chosen industry.

Not only will more people hear about your training courses and schemes, but you’ll be recognised against some of the biggest names in your industry. We work with a large number of reputable training providers, by which a lot of people will have heard of before starting their research. Seeing your offerings next to their names associates you with their status and will cement your place in the market as a main player.

Find the Perfect Student Match

Advertising your course with Course Finder 365 ensures that you’re putting your schemes in front of the right target audience. If you’re advertising in the wrong places, you’re likely to get students who aren’t a great fit for your course. In turn, this could have a hindrance on pass and enjoyment rates, which then have a knock-on effect for enrolments going forwards.

Course Finder 365 Learner Enjoying Course

Course Finder 365 puts your course offerings out there for a large pool of suitable learners to see. Not only can they see your course information, but your organisation credentials too, so they can be absolutely certain that it’s the right option for them. The platform allows users to shortlist your courses against others, that way, they’re easily comparable and the right choice can be made.

Finding the right students for your course is massively important. If a student is keen to learn and interacts with your delivery style, you’re likely to see more engagement and higher success. Whereas, if they’re the wrong fit, it’s likely they’ll be demotivated and won’t put any effort into producing their best. Ultimately, it’s your pass rates and reputation that will take this hit too.

Start Using Course Finder 365 Today!

So, as you can see, Course Finder 365 is a beneficiary platform for both learners and training providers. After all, choosing a course to help further your development should be an exciting time – not one that’s filled with stress and confusion. We streamline the process and ensure that both parties find the ideal solution to their needs and requirements.

For a more detailed view of the technicalities behind the platform and how they can benefit both learners and training providers, we’ve created a free Partner Pack. The pack includes everything you need to know about Course Finder 365, how we operate and the benefits it can throw up for both parties.

So, please don’t hesitate and grab your copy! We’re certain you won’t regret it and will be well on your way to meeting and exceeding your educational demands.