Animation BA (Hons)

University of Bedfordshire
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  • 3 Years
  • Undergraduate
  • Bedfordshire

This course is for students interested in in Community Arts, Public Projects, Arts Advocacy and further study towards a career working in Art and Design Education. The course offers students the opportunity to develop the necessary skills to become art and design practitioners in a community environment, working with public projects.

The course will help you to develop a range of visual and creative skills in Art and Design as well as interdisciplinary skills in digital media and participatory arts. To support your creative practice in art and design you will gain insights into art and design critical theory.

You will come in contact with a number of professionals involved in Community Arts agencies, public projects and organizations. You will ultimately gain proficiency in presenting work to professional standards, including project production and skills in networking, exhibiting and marketing, developing those skills necessary to build relationships in the community.

A range of appropriate assessments will enable you to grow in confidence and demonstrate your acquisition of knowledge and skills. The formative and summative assessment methods used across the course include: – In the first year, the focus is to inculcate creative thinking skills to allow the student to engage with study skills in general, preparing students for assessments in units. Research is introduced as an important element in studio practice and all studio units have an assessed research portfolio, or viva. This relationship between research and practice allows student to develop critical thinking, reflection and higher education learning practice including referencing, note taking, essay and report writing – including virtual learning environments.

– Assessments based on individual and group presentations. – Portfolio reviews are a key means of assessing but they are also important for collating work for a professional portfolio. This installs in students the right attitudes towards professional work whereby you can use your portfolio to promote yourself in professional contexts. – Essays and reports feature in developing students writing skills, helping you to express ideas in a variety of ways and styles and to develop academic writing skills that are of particular benefit in producing the final year contextual rationale for your major project. – An online blog/personal website – A midpoint Formal Formative Assessment to review all work in progress. – Key Skills relevant to Illustration and creative enterprise are embedded in the teaching and learning of the course and will be taken into account in all assessments. –

The assessments will develop incrementally across the course and allow you to gain skills, confidence and knowledge, receive feedback and develop as a practitioner, thus allowing you to implement this knowledge and feedback into subsequent assessments. – At the end of the course, completion of the assessments will demonstrate your ability to analyse current design practice in relation to photographic practices – and communicate this, in both written and visual formats, as well as demonstrate a range of transferable skills relevant to your professional employability

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