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Individuals Make People Relax Enjoy Shop Spend,

IMPRESS is a totally unique, interactive and motivating Customer Service Training Programme.

Moving away from the traditional approach, this training is based around employees strengths; why they were employed, what skills they have shown and do they use them.

This unique model and approach to Customer Service training is now widely used across various business sectors including retail, hospitality and service with great feedback from all as to the relevance of the training.



Fitting room
Alternatives and add-on sales
Till procedures
Thanks and good-bye

Course Outcomes

Be able to identify your business’ current practice in relation to customer service
Learn what is considered to be best practice in this field
Maximise on your team’s potential
Create the environment that will encourage customers to want to return and spend more!
Benefit from an increase in sales of up to 30%
Happier, more effective and motivated staff team
IMPRESSed customers!
Complete (easy to use) personalised Training Programme
A bespoke training manual and material
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