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A Level Dance will give you an opportunity to develop your skills in Dance performance, choreography and analysis through both theory and practice. You will gain an understanding of Dance in a variety of different historical genres, and study the work of performers, directors and choreographers. You will choreograph a group dance yourself, as well as performing both a solo and a quartet. You will take part in college showcases. The course examines the different styles and techniques used in the creation of both your own work and the work of other professionals.

Course Information

This exciting course aims to provide opportunities for students to develop a wide range of performance skills in Dance by studying a range of styles, conventions and genres. It will develop your critical understanding of how Dance performance has evolved over time, as well as all aspects of the choreography of a performance. A significant aspect will be your development of the group working skills essential to any successful performance.

You can expect to:

Analyse a variety of professional work in different dance genres
Complete a written exam that consists of both structured and essay style questions based on the set works that you study throughout the course
Perform a solo in the style of a chosen practitioner
Perform in a quartet in any chosen dance style
Choreograph a group dance based on a question set by the exam board
Develop your ability to work with others

Stretch your physical and creative abilities in new and exciting directions
Dance is studied with two or three other A Levels or Level 3 BTEC equivalents. The following courses combine well: Music, Film Studies, Fine Art, Graphics, Photography, English Literature and Media.

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