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  • 2 Days
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Day One- Strategy, Tactics & Planning for Success

In this module we will look at targeting revenue growth within existing
clients. We will define different types of existing accounts, look at our
performance within these accounts and in particular identify revenue
gaps that can be exploited. Having done this we will put together a
range of actions and approaches that we can adopt to win this

 Different types of accounts – defining a key account
 Climbing the client perception ladder
 Working actively rather than passively
 Discovering opportunities
 Identifying decision makers & understanding internal politics
 Networking, cross-selling & marketing communication
 Building a key account development plan
 Four steps to planning – creating a planning mentality
 Methods for setting individual goals
 Three types of goals – the pros and cons
 Existing vs new clients
 Big vs small clients
 Factors in planning for sales success
 Marketplace segmentation – analytical tools to use
Strategy, Tactics & Planning for Success

By the end of this day, delegates will be able to:

 Develop a plan for desk development that
incorporates vision, strategy and tactics in
appropriate proportions. Delegates will also be able
to identify and connect some of their personal goals
to their business planning, increasing their overall
 Be able to plan where their revenue will come from
– focusing on services, client or candidate types,
market sectors and proportion of new business.
 Create a Key Account Development plan for a
specific account, detailing their objectives,
strategies and tactics to get the most from that

Day Two

Tactics – New Accounts

We will now look at developing new clients. The first thing is to
recognise that ‘Cold Calling’ is not the only way of doing this. To begin
with, we will therefore spend some time brainstorming for different
ways of attracting and winning new clients – other than through cold
calling. We will divide these tactics into two groups – active and

 Selling and marketing
 Active and passive new client generation

Winning the Mental Game

Great recruiters recognise the value of combining quantity and quality of
business development calls, but the wrong attitude often causes both to
be compromised. This session looks at techniques used by top recruiters
and sales people to ensure they have a bullet-proof mind-set before they
pick up the phone.

Planning the Call

A competitive market almost guarantees that clients are fielding calls
from many recruiters and sales people. This module works through a
simple structure for a sales call and provides techniques to use
throughout. It also serves as a framework upon which more advanced
sales techniques can be added.

 Setting call objectives
 Getting past ‘gatekeepers’
 Making an early impact – emotional engagement
 Questioning techniques – 4 types of questions
 Common cold calling objections
 Closing the call
 Getting and qualifying client meetings
 Likes and dislikes of the cold call
 Ratios to develop performance
 The justification model – every ‘no’ is a step closer to a ‘yes

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