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In all companies that manufacture, whether they make an engineering product or produce food,
chemicals, paper, clothes or provide a service for the Docks, Water Boards or Hospitals, they use
machinery and equipment which is powered by electricity. Machinery and equipment develop
electrical faults, so electrical maintenance is an essential part of the operation.

Maintenance is an action required to keep machinery and equipment running in proper working
order and, with all the very sophisticated equipment around today, it’s a tall order. So because of the
masses of important machines throughout the country which have to be maintained in top working
order, a top class electrical workforce is required and this is where the electrical maintenance
engineer comes in.

A breakdown can cost thousands of pounds an hour in lost production, and maintenance sta” have
to #nd out quickly what has gone wrong and put it right. This can involve stripping things right
down, repairing and rectifying the fault. Maintenance sta” are certainly a bit special, they are expert
problem solvers. They often work in teams, totally relying on each other’s e”orts to get production
back to normal as quickly as possible.

A good mathematical and scientific background at school or college is required to study for Level 3/4/5 technical qualifications.

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