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For people who wish to embark upon a career in the Film or Television industries as a director, cinematographer, scriptwriter or editor for example, then the Film and Television course is perfect for you!

The UK Film industry is currently the 2nd largest in the world and employs around 40,000 people, it has grown over 50% in the last 5 years and is growing quicker than any other part of the UK economy. Our course, which closely linked with industry and taught in a brand new state of the art facility, is designed to equip you with the skills, experience and contacts you will need to succeed in this sector.

On the first year of this course you will produce a short film, following the production from conception to realisation, developing and researching an idea, writing scripts, drawing storyboards, sourcing a budget, location scouting, casting, directing, filming, editing and ultimately screening your film at a film festival.

Throughout the second year you will take those skills and develop them over a range of different specific unitised productions designed to prepare you for industry employment and higher education while consolidating written written skills with a range of exciting and thought-provoking theory units.

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