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  • Info on Application
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Becoming a Personal Trainer is one of the quickest ways into the health and fitness industry. You’re taking your hobby to the next level by making it your day job and becoming a Personal Trainer is the speediest way to achieve that. Spend your day motivating people to achieve their best, and when you’re ready to take the next step in your career, there are additional courses available to boost your skills.

What Does a Career as a Personal Trainer Look Like?
We’re not going to sugar-coat it, when you start out you’ll need to work hard to build up a stable client base. But it’s always easier to keep your clients than it is to regularly gain new ones – setting your priorities early on is important. It can be tempting to pile up sessions all day, and doing anything you can to get them – but being a PT is as much of a social career as a fitness one. Deliver what you’ve promised and your client-base will grow.

You’d be surprised how well you get to know your regular clients, aside from how much they can press and their rowing PB. You’ll gain a unique insight into their life and help them make it better!

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