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The development of Functional Skills is seen by the Government
as essential to address employers’ concerns that young people
and adults are not achieving a firm enough grounding in the

Consequently, Functional Skills have been developed to provide
and assess the essential practical skills needed for English and
Maths, which are vital for young people and adults to succeed in
employment, further learning and life in today’s society.

As well as featuring in most educational and other training
pathways, Functional Skills are an essential element of
Apprenticeships, as well as stand-alone qualifications in their own

Employers need to differentiate themselves in the community as
well as in the market, and an effective way to do this is to ensure
that the training and development of their staff is aligned to the
environment in which they work. Through investment in staff,
you can expect increased productivity from learners practically
applying their newly acquired skills, as well as improved staff
morale and employee retention.

Functional Skills qualifications and onsite assessments and testing
from Learnmore is currently available in English and Mathematics
at Level 1 and Level 2.

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