Giving & Receiving Constructive Feedback

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This Workshop dispels the myth that there’s good and bad feedback. All feedback is constructive, and should also include regular praise. The Workshop focuses on using a structured ‘Peeling the Onion’ framework for delivering all feedback and allows the Learner an invaluable opportunity to practise using real work-based scenarios.

The Workshop also incorporates the importance of open questions, allowing the recipient of the feedback time to talk and the giver of the feedback time to listen. The focus here is to eliminate the Learner’s listening habits e.g. rehearsing the next question in your head and using basic NLP methodologies to enhance the overall feedback experience. Often missed in Workshops of this nature is how to receive feedback as well as give it.

Creating a constructive feedback environment in any organisation is one that will help you to grow as honesty, integrity and trust are instilled and are also conducive to any values-based business.

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