Handling Hazardous Substances (COSH) Level 1

Diverse City Services
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  • Half-Day
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  • West Midlands

This course has been designed for individuals who work in the health, social care and voluntary sector. We have tailored courses particularly in care homes and domiciliary care settings.

Learning Outcomes for Handling Hazardous Substances

Learners will know what substances are harmful
Understand how to check what substances are harmful before using them
Be aware of the impact of harmful substances on one’s health
Be aware of the routes that harmful substances can enter the human body
How to do a risk assessment for hazardous substances (assessing risk)
Be aware of the dangers of poor practice (incorrect use of Personal protective equipment (PPE)
Where to find information related to potential hazardous substances

Duration of training 2 – 3hrs

Learners are required to obtain 75% pass mark

Learners may revisit the teat for no additional cost so long as they revisit the training material

Cost for training to be confirmed by DCS Directors

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