High Pressure Water Jetting – Safety Awareness

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  • 1 Day
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  • Scotland

Our trainers are fully approved by the Water Jetting Association for delivery of City & Guilds course in High Pressure Water Jetting Awareness.

Candidates who should attend

Any person who is inexperienced or new to the industry who will be required to undertake high pressure water jetting for drain/sewer cleaning. Experienced operators who have not had previous training and who require to improve their knowledge and skills. Experienced operators who require re-training (Refresher) due to changes in equipment specification or legislation.

Course Aims

The course is based entirely on the Water Jetting Associations “Code of Practice for the use of High Pressure Water Jetting Equipment”. It is a practical course containing hands on training with equipment together with training centre-based assessment. The course is designed to give candidates knowledge of a safe way in which to use the equipment. It gives information on safe entry into confined spaces but makes no attempt to provide full instruction on the safety procedures involved. It is anticipated that candidates would have already been trained in the procedures if their future duties require them to enter confined spaces safely.

Course Pre-requisites


Course Approach

A qualified trainer delivers the course, each successful candidate will be issued with a unique Registration Number and Photo ID Card, which will remain with them throughout their jetting career, it will be used for any subsequent application ‘endorsements’ or ‘specialism’s’ it will also be quoted on any Refresher Courses which are now mandatory on the Safety Awareness Course (SA) at 3 year intervals.

Course Duration

1 Day

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