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For entrepreneurs who want to tap into creative and digital talent who can help their businesses grow.

A Junior Content Producer is responsible for developing and creating content that can be used across a variety of media including digital, social media, broadcast or in print. Working to the customer/client brief, they research, prepare and develop the media messaging to maximise audience engagement, capturing the strategy and objectives of the brand and needs of the customer they are representing.

The programme is broken into three core areas:

Content Planning: Apprentice learnings include how to identify the commercial drivers for a client/customer, the importance of brand, brand awareness, how to interpret the objectives of the client’s/customer’s brief, how to work within a budget allocation for a brief where content creation fits within a marketing strategy.

Content Development: Apprentices will create and/or obtain media assets for use within content creation, ensure content is accessible to all end users, develop and maintain effective working relationships with clients, colleagues and suppliers. Learnings include the different styles of writing that can be used according to the type of campaign, how to establish the appropriate tone of voice for a campaign, copywriting and project management.

Content Creation: Apprentices will write and edit copy for use in print and online, capture images and audio using basic video, still
cameras and audio equipment, edit and post-produce content, optimise webpage content to ensure high rankings in search engine results and engaging with audiences through social media. Learnings include how to write copy that persuades an audience and raises brand awareness, how to segment audiences, and how to use search engine optimisation techniques.


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