Learning and Development Practitioner – Level 3 Standard

Crosby Management Training
  • Information on Application
  • 18-24 Months
  • National Vocational Qualification
  • West Midlands

Course Description
Learning and Development Practitioner
This is an Apprenticeship Standard in L&D which is designed to develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed to become a competent L&D Practitioner capable of supporting organisational performance.

Who is this course for?
Individuals newly appointed to an L&D role and/or existing L&D employees who need ‘significant new knowledge and skills’ Subject Matter Experts who may aspire to make a career out of L&D and wish to transition from their particular field of expertise to an L&D position

Benefits to the Apprentice
Development in the following areas

Knowledge – L&D Technical Expertise, Business and Commercial Understanding, L&D Function, Management Information and Technology

Skills – Identification of Training/Learning Needs, Training/Learning Design, Training/Learning Delivery, Evaluation, Communication & Interpersonal Skills, Teamwork & Collaboration

Behaviours – Constant & Curious Learner, Collaborative Partner, Passionate & Agile Deliverer

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