Level 2 Certificate Financial Services

  • £300+VAT
  • 4 Days
  • Diploma
  • Kent

Course Description: what can students expect?
Delivered by OSTC using the Group’s world-class ZISHI knowledge suite, this qualification is based on attaining a solid introduction to trading on financial markets and includes the required educational elements to progress onto further trading training courses. Alternatively, the certification is also a valuable step towards confidently securing a junior supporting role within the finance sector.

As a foundation level certification, the primary purpose of this qualification is to give students a sound foundation of knowledge for operations in capital markets while preparing them for further financial qualifications, including the ZISHI Level 3 Diploma in Financial Trading, Level 5 Advanced Diploma in Financial Trading and Level 5 Advanced Diploma in Options Trading.

This qualification can also lead to enhanced employability in a range of supporting roles that may include back office support/administrator, trainee compliance officer, investment administration and trainee risk manager, amongst others.

Level 2 Certification – at a glance
Students who pass the course will receive a recognised Ofqual certified qualification. The course is 100% portfolio based and empowers graduates to practically apply the knowledge, skills and insights gained through the course using a professional infrastructure. In addition, students will develop their understanding based on global economic events and the effect on capital markets, understand associated risk and develop a professional routine – all welcome traits that are sought after by employers.

Fully Accredited & Ofqual Regulated within the Regulated Qualification Framework & European Qualification Framework (Level 3 status)
Trade real-time price data with Tier-1 front end trading systems
FX, commodities, Indices and Government Bonds
Employability skills session and industry overview
A transferable skillset
Upon successful completion of the ZISHI Level 2 Certificate in Financial Trading, students will attain a series of employer-friendly, transferable skills including:

Time management


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