Level 2 Certificate in Understanading Retail Operations

Croydon College
  • Info on application
  • 122 hours
  • Approved Certification
  • United Kingdom

This qualification allows your learners to gain a thorough understanding of retail operations, which will enable them to progress within or pursue a career in the retail sector. They will gain an understanding of effective customer service, teamwork and what to expect when working in the retail sector. Unlike high level retail management courses, this course covers all of the essential retail operations knowledge you or your learners need:

Unit 1: Understanding customer service in the retail sector

In this unit your learners will learn how important effective customer service is to a retail business, particularly in relation to customer needs, customer service procedures and dealing with customer complaints.

Unit 2: Understanding the retail selling process

This unit explores the benefits of product knowledge and using questions to identify customer needs. It also helps learners understand selling models and how sales are closed.

Unit 3: Understanding how individuals and teams contribute to the effectiveness of a retail business

In this unit your learners will cover various aspects involved in the effectiveness of a retail business. This includes understanding employment rights and responsibilities, the importance of effective team work and communications skills.

Unit 4: Understanding how a retail business maintains health and safety on its premises

In this unit your learners will look at health and safety in a retail environment, including what actions to take in an emergency and what is considered general safe working practice.

Unit 5: Understanding retail consumer law

In this unit your learners will examine consumer legislation, including protection against unfair trading practices and consequences for business and employees of contravening retail law.

Unit 6: Understand how to deal with customer queries and complaints in a retail environment

This unit will give your learners an understanding of how to resolve queries and complaints in a retail environment and how this could contribute to customer confidence.

Unit 7: Understanding the handling of customer payments in a retail business

This unit will provide your learners with an understanding of the different payment methods accepted from retail customers and the risks involved in handling payments. This will cover the key responsibilities of a retail cashier.

Unit 8: Understanding the control, receipt and storage of stock in a retail business

In this unit your learners will gain an understanding of the importance of having the right stock levels, and will cover how goods are received and how stock should be stored to prevent damage or loss.

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