Level 2 Improving Operational Performance

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Programme Content
1. 5S Workplace Organisation

Auditing the work area
Making work easier by eliminating obstacles and unnecessary items
Arranging all necessary items so that they can be easily selected for use
Making work flow smoothly and easily
Standardising the best practices in the work area
2. Effective Team Working and Communication

The characteristics of a high performing team
Team roles and responsibilities
Forming and maintaining effective working relationship
Resolving disagreements and difficulties in working relationships
Communicating information and data effectively
3. Problem Solving Techniques

Using the fishbone diagram to establish root cause
5 whys
4. Continuous Improvement (Philosophy and Practice)

The Deming Cycle
Selecting appropriate key performance indicators
The 3 divisions of work
The 8 wastes
5. Organisational Productivity Needs Analysis

Balancing workflow and customer requirements
Identifying and eliminating bottlenecks
Using stacked bar charts
6. Data Collection & Analysis

Bar charts
Pareto analysis
Scatter Charts
Process Mapping
7. Visual Management & Control Systems

Selecting appropriate data to display
Colour coding
Creating departmental performance boards

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