Level 3 Apprenticeship Team Leading/Supervisor

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The Level 3 Team Leader/Supervisor apprenticeship is for those in a first line management role who have operational/project responsibilities or responsibility for providing direction, instruction and guidance to a team to enable them to deliver on outcomes. They may be in any size organisation or sector but the generic management skills they need to have will be the same. Key aspects of their role may include supporting, managing and developing team members, managing projects, planning and monitoring workloads and resources, delivering operational plans, resolving problems, and building relationships internally and externally.

How will the programme be delivered?

Our Level 3 Team Leader/Supervisor apprentices undertake the CMI Level 3 Certificate or Diploma in Principles of Management and Leadership – this is optional however.

They also work towards achievement of level 2 maths and English, unless they have already done so before starting the apprenticeship.

Other aspects of the programme involve the apprentice in work-based projects, completing activities through our Management Direct virtual learning environment and attending review meetings with a skills-assessor, as well as their line manager.

Each apprentice has an individual learning plan so that their programme meets individual and organisational needs. In general though, it involves:

Introduction to the apprenticeship
Diagnostics and a learning needs analysis which help make sure the planned programme of learning is appropriate.
A programme induction for the apprentice and the line manager.
Registration with CMI on the Level 3 Certificate/Diploma in Principles of Management and Leadership (optional).
On programme
One-to-one coaching/knowledge and skills development sessions at the workplace (Level 3 Certificate in Principles of Management and Leadership only)
(Or) Delivery of masterclasses at your workplace premises, or at our training centre in Doncaster (4 or more apprentices).

Dependent on individual needs, learning will include:
Principles of management and leadership
Managing a team
Contributing to delivering a project
Managing activities to achieve results
Managing budgets and resources
Managing data and information
Managing your own development
Completing assignments and workplace projects in-between tutor sessions.
Preparation for end-point assessment.
Review meetings every three months with the line manager and the apprentice.
Formative assessment throughout the programme to monitor progress towards ‘gateway’ and preparation for end-point assessment.
Online learning with the support of a tutor as required, for maths and English.

End-Point Assessment

All apprentices undertake end-point assessment as a final activity following their apprenticeship training. This is carried out by an end-point assessor who is independent of the apprenticeship training programme and the purpose is to establish whether the apprentice has met all aspects of the apprenticeship standard. Fees for EPA are paid through the employer’s digital account.

End-point assessment activities for the Level 3 Team Leader/Supervisor apprenticeship are:

Assessment of knowledge through a test using scenarios, questions and responses
Assessment of competency through competency based interview
Assessment of portfolio of evidence
Continuing Professional Development Log reviewed
Professional discussion/question and answer session

As training provider for the apprenticeship, we will support end-point assessment by:

Providing information about the choice of EPA organisations available to you.
Providing practice materials to support apprentices in their preparation for EPA.
Facilitating the apprentice in maintaining a CPD log and building a portfolio of evidence.

20% Off-The-Job Learning

All apprentices need to spend 20% of their contracted hours participating in off the job learning for the duration of their apprenticeship, and this must be supported by the employer. Planning at the very early stages of the programme will help you decide how this time is to be spent – probably a combination of tutor sessions, working on assignments and our virtual learning environment, as well as other learning activities either in-house or externally.

How long will the apprenticeship programme last?

About 12-18 months but this depends on the apprentice’s specific requirements. The programme can be started at any time.

Once successfully completed, all apprentices are invited to attend our Celebration of Achievement graduation ceremony held once a year.

Funding for the apprenticeship

Funding is available through the employer’s digital account, up to a maximum of £4500 including the fee for EPA.

Once we have an understanding of any prior learning and current needs, we can then give a fee for our programme. Over and above this, the maximum fee for end-point assessment charged by the EPAO is £675..

What about progressing further?

Following completion of the apprenticeship, individuals can apply to become an Associate member of the CMI which further assists in career development and professional recognition.

They may also wish to consider progressing to the Level 5 Apprenticeship – Operations/ Departmental Manager with the CMI Level 5 Certificate/Diploma in Management and Leadership.

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