Level 3 Laboratory Technician Apprenticeship (Materials Testing)

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  • Price on application
  • 21-24 Months
  • Apprenticeship
  • Sussex

The Apprenticeship Programme
The Level 3 Laboratory Technician Standard outlines the key knowledge, skills and behaviours (KSBs) that a Laboratory Technician must
possess to function effectively within a laboratory setting (these are also detailed below). The apprenticeship programme is based on
bringing the apprentice up to a competent standard on each one of these areas. The knowledge will be developed via work-place training, a
Level 3 science qualification and further standard-specific training sessions. The skills will be developed primarily at work and through
supporting training sessions from Youthforce. Evidence of these skills will be captured within the competency-log. The behaviours will be
tracked via behavioural assessments, that combine to form a behaviour log, and supported by additional training sessions where necessary.
In the final three-months of the apprenticeship, the apprentice will prepare and undertake an end-point-assessment (EPA), where a thirdparty organisation will assess the apprentice against the KSBs outlined on the standard.

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