Level 3 Team Leader / Supervisor

Reflect Learning
  • price on application
  • 12-18 Months
  • Apprenticeship
  • London

Programme Content
1. Leading People

Understand different leadership styles and the benefits of coaching to support people development. Understand organisational cultures, equality and diversity. (K)
Able to communicate organisation strategy and team purpose, and adapt style to suit the audience. Supports people development through coaching, role modelling values and behaviours, and managing change effectively. (S)
2. Managing People

Understand people and team management models, including team dynamics and motivation techniques. (K)
Able to build a high-performing team by supporting and developing individuals, and motivating them to achieve. (S)
3. Building Relationships

Understand approaches to relationship management, including emotional intelligence and managing conflict. (K)
Building trust with and across the team, using effective negotiation and influencing skills, and managing any conflicts. (S)
4. Communication

Understand different forms of communication and their application. (K)
Able to communicate effectively (verbal, written, digital). (S)
5. Operational Management

Understand how organisational strategy is developed. (K)
Able to communicate organisational strategy and deliver against operational plans. (S)
6. Project Management

Understand the project lifecycle and roles. Know how to deliver a project. (K)
Able to organise, manage resources and risk, and monitor progress to deliver against the project plan. (S)
7. Finance

Understand organisational governance and compliance, and how to deliver Value for Money. (K)
Applying organisational governance and compliance requirements to ensure effective budget controls. (S)
8. Self Awareness

Understand learning styles, feedback mechanisms and how to use emotional intelligence. (K)
Able to reflect on own performance, seek feedback, understand why things happen. (S)
9. Self-Management

Understand time management techniques and tools. (K)
Able to create an effective personal development plan (S)
10. Decision Making

Understand problem solving and decision-making techniques. (K)
Use of effective problem-solving techniques to make decisions relating to delivery using information from the team and others. (S)
11. Takes Responsibility

Drive to achieve in all aspects of work. Demonstrates resilience and accountability. Determination when managing difficult situation. (B)
12. Inclusive and Agile

Open, approachable, authentic, and able to build trust with others. (B)
Is creative and innovative when seeking solutions to business needs. (B)
13. Professionalism

Sets an example, and is fair, consistent and impartial. (B)

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