Level 4 Higher Diploma in Floristry

  • £3,417 inc VAT
  • 18 Months
  • Apprenticeship
  • Hertfordshire

This qualification is designed to provide:
an industry recognised qualification at level 4
a competent workforce at level 4
a suitable qualification for progression from level 3
a suitable qualification to lead on to the level 5 Professional Diploma
General Information:
The qualification is suitable for florists who have achieved a Level 3 Floristry qualification and have established industry experience. If they have sufficient industry experience but have not achieved a Level 3, they will be required to demonstrate prior to starting the course that they are working to at least Level 3 standards.

The learners will also need to have a sufficient level of literacy and numeracy to enable them to research the underpinning knowledge, carry out the practical tasks and complete the assignments.

The learners will need to be working in the industry while completing this qualification.

General Structure:
To gain the Level 4 Higher Diploma in Floristry (ICFS), candidates must pass all ten units.

Unit 001: Botanical Concepts & Practices for Floristry
Unit 002: Historical Studies for Floristry
Unit 003: Floral Event Practices
Unit 004: Business Practices for Floristry
Unit 005: Marketing & Promotion Practices for Floristry
Unit 006: Technical Floristry Skills – Tied Designs
Unit 007: Technical Floristry Skills – Wired & Glued Designs
Unit 008: Technical Floristry Skills – Designs in Mediums
Unit 009: Technical Floristry Skills – Design Trends
Unit 010: Design Concepts for Floristry
Assessors will provide up to 9 face-to-face visits (6/7 at your premises and 2/3 at a central location). These will include mock examinations/assignments as necessary. The learner will need to provide a quiet uninterrupted place to work/create arrangements during visits and should allow up to 5 hours for each visit.

There are three integrated assignments and an externally set and marked practical and knowledge exam at the end.


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