Level One Introduction to Procurement & Supply Chain Management

The Procurement Academy
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  • 2 Days
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Procurement & Supply Chain (P&SCM) Skills
Level 1 Introduction to P&SCM
Aimed at early entrants into the Procurement & Supply Chain profession, this course provides an overview and competency development in the following areas
1. Quality Management
2. Risk
3. Procurement Planning
4. Sourcing
5. Technology
6. Business Acumen
7. Corporate Social Responsibility
8. Cost Management
9. Legal Aspects in Procurement & Supply
10. Negotiation

This course can be tailored to a number of market/industry sectors

Learning Outcomes
Following this course, candidates will know and understand the following aspects

The role of quality management in P&SCM
How risk should be approached in P&SCM
The role of planning in P&SCM
Basic approaches to sourcing activity
The role of technology in P&SCM
How relationships impact performance
The importance of Corporate Social Responsibility
How costs should be addressed in Procurement
The essential legal aspects of procurement
How negotiation should be approached

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