Manage and Maintain Cemetery and Burial Ground Memorials SCQF L5

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  • National Vocational Qualification
  • United Kingdom

The purpose of this unit is to set out a risk-based approach to ensure cemetery operatives develop a safe method of managing any risks or hazards associated with the inspection and maintenance of cemetery headstones and memorials.
This unit will form part of the SCQF level 6 Professional Development Award (PDA) Cemetery Operations.
On successful completion of the unit the learner will be able to:
1 Assess and record risks from headstones and memorials.
2 Describe methods for carrying out stability tests of headstones and memorials.
3 Carry out visual inspections and stability testing of headstones and memorial

While entry is at the discretion of the centre, learners would normally be expected to have some experience of working within cemeteries or burial grounds and be familiar with works procedures for such facilities

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