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The Principle
These basic lean principles set the right foundations:

1. Understand what creates value within the operation from the customer perspective
2. Identify all of the process steps in the operation
3. Make these ‘value adding’ process steps flow as smoothly as possible
4. Produce only what is required – or ‘pulled’ by the customer
5. Eliminate waste in ALL its forms

Our Application

Appropriately involving everyone in the organisation to nurture and inspire a continuous improvement thinking and behaviours drives and embeds lean transformation.

Agreeing a common goal that everyone can unite under and buy into is the ideal starting point and rationale for any planned change. Following this we start building lean awareness and introduce skills such as problem-solving throughout the business to ensure change is collaborative, organic and sustainable.

By focusing on lean principles at a fundamental level we make sure they are easy to understand and adopt by everyone in the organisation benefiting the business, the customer and the workforce.

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