Mastering Risk Management

ACF Academy
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  • 5 Half-Days
  • Approved Certification
  • London

The Mastering Risk Management course is a comprehensive seminar that gives participants a clear understanding of risk: how it arises, how to measure it, and – most important of all – how to manage risk. Participants will explore and master a wide spectrum of risks, including market, credit, and operational risks.

By attending this course, you will:
Obtain a thorough insight into credit and market risk management concepts and practices
Gain an in-depth understanding of the varied risks – both credit and market – arising from FX, swaps, futures, options, and other financial products.
Explore the principles used in the active hedging and risk management of derivative instruments and portfolios, and the practical problems faced by banks in managing their books.
Examine counterparty and credit risk issues, and the methods available to mitigate these risks
Develop your understanding with extensive practical examples illustrating each of the concepts covered. Anyone involved in risk management, measurement and control should take this course.

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