Memorial Floristry

West Herts College
  • £41.00
  • 1 day
  • Approved Certification
  • Hertfordshire

On this one day course you will design and construct a based posy pad and a double ended spray and receive advice on taking a funeral order, using appropriate colours and attaching cards to tributes. There is no formal entry criteria for this course.

Our part-time provision is designed primarily for adult students, aged 19 and over. Students aged 16 to 18 may be allowed to enrol on the course at the discretion of the Head of Admissions and Head of School. If you have any queries please contact our admissions team on 01923 812345. This one day taster course will cover ribboning and basing a 12” posy pad with a spray on top, and making a double ended spray. You will be part of a group discussion, demonstration, practical workshop and a question and answer talk.

You will need to bring similar fresh flowers and foliage to those stated on the list below. Tutors will have oasis, trays, pot tape and lengths of poly ribbon available in the classroom, if required, for a small cost.

For the based posy pad you will need: 12” Posy pad, roll of poly ribbon (waterproof ribbon for edging design), stapler and staples, flat headed pins, 10 stems white double chrysanthemum for basing the design, small piece of oasis for the spray and a small amount of foliage for the spray.

For the double-ended spray you will need: Oblong oasis tray, single oasis brick, pot tape, sprays of laurel foliage, conifer foliage as a contrast, three stems opening lilies, a bunch of larkspur or ‘Blue Bee’ delphinium or four stems antirrhinum, seven single carnations or five large gerbera, three or four stems lisianthus, three stems spray chrysanthemum.
Scissors will also be required. Look at our wide range of courses to help you get qualified, enhance your career prospects or enjoy some me time. All of our part-time courses can be viewed online and new courses are introduced throughout the year.

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