Mentoring and Managing

Enabling Change
  • £650 +VAT
  • 2 Days
  • Approved Certification
  • Hampshire

Day One

Managing & Leading

Management is not enough – strong businesses require genuine leaders
with a clear vision and strategy for their team. A key positioning module
aimed at ensuring delegates self-image is in line with their job.

Planning for Success & The Sales Plan

This module focuses on setting sales plans for consultants based around
our commercial vision. We also discuss how to use these plans as a
motivational tool in allocating targets and goal.

Motivating Consultants

A key aspect of ‘Leadership’ is motivating others. Here we move away
from simply trying to motivate individuals towards creating a
motivational environment in which they can flourish.

 Mental changes to align your self-image
 Management tools & how to use them
 Seven management tasks
 Motivating by building self esteem
 How to manage your ‘friends’
 Five job requirements to enjoy maximum motivation
 Different ways of projecting future sales
 The individual sales plan – driving motivation and performance
through planning
 Planning for the team

Day Two

Hiring & Firing

A module which looks at the importance of making the right hiring and
firing decisions – and in particular at the potential problems of holding on
to consultants for too long. This module does not cover how to fire or any
part of the legal processes of firing.

 Hiring recruiters – how to make your most important hire
 Why managers do not fire
 When to fire

Sales Supervision

Whilst classroom training is important, following up on this on the desks is
vital. We here look at how to supervise and coach consultants to fix any
problems and to grow them as individuals. This focuses on one to one
sessions with individuals, the process to follow and the value of this key
management responsibility.

 The supervision process – working on the job
 Roles for you to adopt & avoid when supervising
 Steps to effective coaching & common mistakes in coaching

By the end of the programme, delegates will be able to:

 Understand key mental changes to make to effectively
make the transition from recruitment consultant to a
genuine leader.

 Recognise the value of long-term planning for their team
and their responsibility in creating and communicating their

 Understand how to motivate consultants effectively.

 Understand how best to balance their time between billing
and managing.

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