Motivational Leadership

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  • 2 Days
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This Workshop will combine the two core subjects under the ‘guise’ of Kouzes & Posner’s Leadership Challenge, which focuses on five core components to leadership merging the subjects of motivation and leadership. Prior to attendance on this Workshop, the Learner will gather 360 degree feedback from peers, line manager and their teams on their leadership styles against the five core components of leadership and spend a large part of Day 1 reflecting on the ‘results’ and what they can do to improve and gather further feedback back in the workplace to strengthen and hone their leadership skills. A number of highly interactive exercises against the five leadership components will lead into Day 2 and how to really become the motivational leader, studying leadership theories and how to bring them to life in the workplace.

This Workshop enables experienced first-line and middle managers to really get to know themselves from the inside out and outside in and make them more rounded individuals who can inspire others back in the workplace, not just through leadership; but in a motivational way.

Fast Track Development


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