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  • 2 Years
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We firmly believe that this is THE music course for anyone who wants to work in the music industry. Our two-year programme is proven to create well-rounded professionals who can find employment in all areas of the business, while still allowing you to explore your own particular pathway and unique musical identity. You can expect to be stretched across the broad range of musical disciplines including performance, production, songwriting, composition, engineering and business as well as developing your musical vocabulary, theoretical understanding and ear. Through our unique relationship with the industry, we embed industry visits, masterclasses and briefs into every aspect of your learning so that it is meaningful, up-to-date and relevant to the changing landscape of the sector.

Over two years, trainees hone their ensemble performance skills by performing at multiple high-profile events across London (previous venues include Camden Assembly, Birthdays, HSBK, Borderline, The Garage, Jazz Cafe and Nambucca to name but a few) as well as studio recordings and Live Sessions for their showreel. Trainees learn how to record themselves and others in our two industry-standard Pro Tools HD recording studios, produce a portfolio of professional tracks using Logic Pro X and compose a portfolio of original songs and soundtracks for film, TV and games. Music industry training ensures trainees are able to work with record labels and publishing houses as soon as they encounter them in their careers. They are then tasked with setting up their own DIY labels, managing their own public events, and working for huge music festivals, taking home a profit along the way. Through the practical application of these vocational skills, trainees develop the experience and knowledge to thrive in real-world settings.

We pride ourselves on pushing learning beyond the Level 3 qualification and the constraints of the classroom. Our music industry partners insist trainees leave ELAM with the core communication and problem-solving skills that make for successful professionals. Trainees, therefore, develop their terminology, ear, music theory and understanding of music history so they can communicate with pros across the world, writing articles, reports and presentations to stretch their oral and written skills.

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