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A unique, bite size, audio programme that looks at negotiation from the SALES side. Not just for sellers, but for executives at every level. It’s an audio programme with the opening and concluding lessons on video. The audios can be downloaded or watched on screen with animated support. To reinforce your learning, included in the course is a 34 page interactive workbook you can download and work through as the programme unfolds. Based on the real world, real people and real situations. This fast moving workshop shows you how to make better, more profitable deals every time. Basic principles Don’t be a tough negotiator, be an effective one
All negotiating involves an attempted trade off between getting what you want and getting along with people
How to build a both-win relationship
What makes good negotiation skills?
How to use the give and take process. How to handle ‘deadlock’ and ‘Is that negotiable’
What’s your aspiration level?
The most useful question in negotiating
Stop seeing price as THE issue
Identify your negotiable variables
What if you have pushed the other side too far? Negotiating with higher authority
How to use the written word to win the advantage
How to negotiate a price rise
The commercial equivalent of ONO and why you should never use it
Separate the people from the negotiation
The psychology of acceptance time. The supertactic – how to handle “I like your proposal but this is all I’ve got”
How to handle “Let’s split the difference” and “You’ve got to do better than that” and “Take it or leave it”
Tactics the seller can use. Tactics the buyer can use. The seller’s most useful ploy. The buyer’s most useful ploy.
Escalation of terms. Escalation of authority
The final agreement. Closing. Five sources of power, the price challenge and a bonus lesson in body language in Sales and negotiation.

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