New Ways of Working

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  • 2 days
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New devices are available in all stores and consumer computing is here to stay.

Everyone has heard of the Cloud, BYOD, Direct access, Server-based communication and of multiple devices per user. How does this impact deployment and management? How does this impact your business? What is the impact going forward on your infrastructure? Will you need GPO again? How can you inject fun to your end-users and increase productivity, without spending money? Can you avoid the disasters and wasted opportunities eight out of nine companies have experienced?

This course is vendor agnostic, and will use three different product sets as examples with a focus on Microsoft core strategy and tools, many of which are free!

Generally when security is seen as a blocker, it means it is not understood. Simply keeping systems available is part of security. The landscape has changed over the last five years, but has your view of security changed with it?

This course will help you to develop something that you can use right after the workshop, including ensuring that you can understand the core issues and how to improve from day one. In most cases you will be able to build value, whilst not spending more; perhaps even cost-cutting.

Course Outline

Getting to the real requirements and value ( looking at practical examples)
Define new ways of working
The four things we care about: (1) Identity ( AAA)

Why do we need to care
How to directly save time to save money yet improve
Practical changes
What’s in windows 20xx?
The four things we care about: (2) New ways of Managing

Key tooling differences
Key thought differences needed
The four things we care about: (3) New ways of accessing

What you need to think about
The good news: What you can now ignore and save BIG!
The four things we care about: (4) FUN

How to add FUN for your users
How to sell this to your users!
How to change your infrastructure

Impact on AD, PKI and more
Cloud and locations opportunities
Impact in core infrastructure
Impact of Applications
Putting the pieces in the right order!
Selling new security

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