Physical Fitness ACS Certificate Distance Learning

  • £99 +VAT
  • 20 hours
  • Approved Certification
  • Warwickshire

This course is jam packed with information, as well as suggested learning experiences beyond simply reading the notes and studying the many illustrations. It helps you to understand human fitness and wellbeing, for your own benefit, or for the benefit of others you might work with. The course can be completed in around 20 hours; but if you want to learn in greater depth, and have the time to devote to learning, it can be given a lot more time, for a lot more learning.

The course helps you understand physical fitness in the broadest sense. All aspects of fitness are considered – aerobic, muscle, skeletal and psychological. A very large range of techniques for improving and maintaining fitness are covered – from gentle to high intensity techniques. Safety, biology and health/injury issues are also covered.

This is an exceptional course, which is useful both for the everyday person wanting to better understand and improve their own wellbeing, to people working in health or fitness professions who will find serious benefit doing this course for professional development.

WCG in partnership with ACS Distance Learning Education offers a range of short courses. Whether you need to gain some knowledge in a particular area or complete the course as a part of your continuing professional development, this 20-hour course will enable to fill in the knowledge gap via self-studies of the comprehensive course materials.

This flexible approach to studying:

• Enables you to complete the course in your own time

• Allows you to complete the course in as little as 20 hours or less

• Presents you with an automated examination at the end of the course which can be attempted online, anywhere, at anytime

• Offers you a downloadable certificate of completion if you achieve a 60% pass in the exam

Course cost: £99.00 + VAT (£118.80 total)


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