Positively Managing Change

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  • 1 Day
  • Approved Certification
  • London

This workshop is for anyone who recognises the effects of change, and wishes to learn how to handle and manage the changes happening around them more effectively. The workshop aims to cover a number of coping strategies. It will cover reactions to change; the four stages of change; and the techniques needed to manage change

By the end of the workshop you will be better able to:
 Be aware of the merger and what changes are happening and why. Through an open discussion format
 Recognise the stages of the change curve and what effect they will have on you. By identifying each stage and discussing typical feelings and responces.
 Be able to apply a range of change management techniques. Highlighting techniques such as Emotional Intelligence, Coping with Pressure, and self conditioning tools
 Increase your influence in your organisation and boost morale. Through Effective Communication and Circles of Influence
 Take greater control of situations. By responding instead of reacting (EI and Positive Attitude)
 Improve your decision making. By being aware of the factors that effect decisions

Through open discussion, games and case studies, you will identify both the effects and benefits of working with techniques such as EI and Circles of Influence.

Exercises and activities will encourage you to apply the techniques discussed to the current merger and your own situations. Action planning for future success and integrating principles into practical application.

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