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Think Before You Speak™ – How to think quickly (and speak clearly) on your feet

Powerful Presentations Skills Training

Presentation skills for professionals who need to present effectively every time

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Negotiation Skills Traininghe purpose of communication skills training is to improve the ability to inform and persuade. Communication is a core skill for business professionals. Our range of communication training courses and workshops enhance verbal and written communication skills, improving the quality and effectiveness of business communication.
These communication training courses teach practical techniques to enable you to assemble thoughts and communicate them effectively, whether in a meeting, conference or at your desk. It’s time to improve your communication skills and get your point across clearly and concisely.
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Why choose Illumine for communication training?
Illumine has been running high quality, high impact skills training courses since 1996. Courses have been run in a wide range of industries and in many geographies, although predominantly the UK, Europe and the Middle East. Initially courses were focused on a relatively narrow range of thinking skills – Mind Mapping, Speed Reading, Memory and Creativity. That range was quickly expanded into the communication skills courses above and then into an expansive range of courses related to well-being and motivation.
Communication training now forms a vital part of our extensive portfolio of courses. In fact, depending how you look at what constitutes ‘communication’ the courses expand beyond what is found in this section of the website:
We can think of communication – and therefore communication training – as consisting of reception skills and production skills:

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