Recognising and Responding to Compassion Fatigue

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Recognising and Responding to Compassion Fatigue.

Our course will enable participants to explore the impact of Compassion Fatigue, recognise the risk factors, signs and symptoms, and identify coping strategies and techniques to strengthen emotional resilience for themselves and their teams.

CPD accredited. Our course’s have been endorsed by Skills for Care, are suitable for managers and frontline staff.

All courses are delivered live, either in person or virtually and are bespoke to the organisation.

Course Content:

Part 1 – Recognising the emotional impact of a caring role
The first part of the course explores the physical and emotional effects of the stress response, vicarious trauma and the impact of an empathetic connection. Then identifies the stages of Compassion Fatigue and looks at the risk factors

Part 2 – Responding for resilience
Part two explores a variety of practical and sustainable self-care strategies, including how diet, exercise and sleep affect mental health and influence emotional resilience. We share tools and strategies that enable participants to make simple but effective and sustainable changes.

Part 3 – Recovering through self-care and self-compassion
The third part concentrates on practical techniques that have been proven to enable relaxation including, breathing techniques and mindfulness. It also addresses the concept of self-compassion and includes ideas and strategies to prioritise self-care.


All participants are asked to complete pre and post course questionnaires to enable us and the organisation to monitor the impact and effectiveness of the training. The results of which, together with feedback from the day, will be collated and shared with the organisation.

Delivery options:

In person – 6 hours – Maximum of 20 attendees
Virtual – 6 Hours (can be split over 2 or 3 sessions) – Maximum of 10 attendees

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