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Recruitment processes and the ultimate decisions they support will
always have a lasting effect on a business. The question is, will those
effects be good or bad? An open, consistent and legally compliant
process will result in well suited, well informed, passionate and
effective new hires, working within a motivated team.

This workshop provides you with an understanding of how to recruit
the right people with the least disruption to your business, and by
the end of the session you will be able to:

 Explain the importance of a consistent and validated
recruitment and selection process
 Identify your legal obligations and responsibilities
 Ensure that your process is free from discrimination
 Identify the requirements of the role(s) in terms of
capabilities and competencies
 Identify appropriate indications of evidence
 Produce effective STAR based questions to explore and
probe candidate capability
 Identify and choose between additional relevant selection
 Learn to screen applications effectively
 Explain the 3 C’s of recruitment and why they are important


Through a combination of presentation, discussion, exercises and
scenario-based role plays, this workshop is delivered as an
interactive, engaging and thought-provoking three hour session.

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