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Occupational Profile
Set within an industry steeped in tradition, yet embracing innovation and technology, the Senior Equine Groom will provide for and coordinate the day to day care of the horses in the workplace. They will possess all the necessary skills to lead by example and will have the knowledge required to implement effective systems relating to the running of the yard. They will be capable of organising and monitoring the quality of work and ordering and maintaining supplies.

The Senior Equine Groom is a fundamental occupational role in all equine businesses and is an integral part of an industry that contributes over £8bn to the British economy. They can expect to handle and provide exercise for a variety of horses in different working environments. They must adhere to safe working practices, be prepared to work in all weather conditions and often in ‘out of hours’ situations. They will be required to have dedication, commitment and the physical and mental toughness to cope with the rigours of the role. Living onsite for part or all of the duration of the apprenticeship may also be necessary. The occupation requires competent individuals committed to the safety and welfare of horses in their care. There are about a million horses (including all domestic equine species, namely horses, ponies, donkeys and their hybrids) kept for recreation and commercial use in the UK and the Senior Equine Groom will be capable of looking after a small to medium sized equine yard and supervising a diverse team of workers. They will be capable of offering advice, support and guidance to their team, whilst possessing appropriate people skills necessary for their chosen sector. They will be required to have a sound base of experience and knowledge and have the right empathy so as to promote the horses’ physical and psychological well-being within a safe working environment. The Senior Equine Groom will have a sound knowledge of horse anatomy and physiology and the ability to assess and promote health. They will be able to recognise and treat common minor injuries and ailments. They will be capable of presenting horses to a high standard and can demonstrate the skills required to groom, plait and clip horses. Senior Equine Grooms may have the opportunity to travel nationally and internationally, preparing and caring for horses at competitions, the races, sales, shows and other public appearances. The Senior Equine Groom apprentice will need to decide in which sector of the industry they wish to be progress and select the appropriate occupational route.

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