Streetwear & Brand Drop Culture

Conde Nast College of Fashion
  • £894
  • 1 Week
  • Accredited Certification
  • London

This one-week intensive course offers an exciting opportunity to gain insights and knowledge of how streetwear has gained it’s important position within the fashion retail industry. The market has expanded at a fast pace in recent years, with streetwear also moving into the luxury space. Bain & Company recently estimated the market will be worth $425 billion globally by 2025, therefore opportunities within this market are there for the taking; but how do you get to those opportunities? And once you get them, what do you do? Understand how to identify your customer, how they shop, and how to create a collection that will create hype and gain credibility.

The programme includes lectures, seminars, problem-solving workshops and case studies covering the following topics:

Overview of the history of streetwear;
The evolution of streetwear into the luxury market place;
Streetwear styling;
Introduction to creative business planning;
Consumer behaviour and the streetwear customer;
Branding and brand development for streetwear;
Creating a stand-out streetwear collection;
Using social media to launch and build a brand;
Brand collaborations and drop culture.
With sessions delivered by industry professionals, guest speakers and academic experts.

Whether you aspire to starting your own brand, want to work for a brand, or are interested in styling or designing, or just a huge lover of streetwear, this course is for you.

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