The Transformational Leader

Ashridge Executive Education
  • £7,650 + VAT
  • 5 Days
  • Approved Certification
  • London

A ground-breaking program for experienced managers looking to dive deeper into their leadership approach. This program can also be delivered 100% online. Through our immersive and experiential approach to learning, supported by technology, participants get to immediately turn the theory into practice. ​

The Transformational Leader is a deeply personal program for managers who have already experienced the challenges of leadership and want to grow on a professional and personal level. Through a series of stretching transformational experiences all taking place within a supportive environment, participants will start to embrace their next level of development.

For mid to senior-level managers, with a minimum of five years of experience in leading people and a desire to develop their leadership approach and personal effectiveness.

Participants must be comfortable with many tactical areas of leadership such as giving feedback, having difficult conversations and conducting performance reviews.

What’s included?
Over a six-month period, participants will:

complete several psychometric assessments
undergo eight hours of personal coaching
attend an intensive five-day residential module in Ashridge
take part in virtual follow-up sessions

Ashridge Executive Education


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