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Tempest Management Training
  • £55 + VAT
  • 3 and a half hours
  • Accredited Certification
  • East Midlands

The Health and Social Care in-house tailored training courses are short
half-day courses for individuals working in the care sector, who require
training for their personal development plan, a re-cap, or to gain some
knowledge in certain areas and to more importantly to provide
outstanding care to service users.
Benefits for employers
Offering employees an incentive, such as training for their personal
development and to meet organisational objectives, employers will benefit from low staff turnover, motivated and reliable workforce and increased
team performances.
As a result of this training we would expect to see Managers and Team
Leaders motivating, inspiring, challenging, stimulating and guiding others
within the organisation.
On completion of the workshop, attendees will be presented a certificate
awarded by Tempest Management Training. We are experts in the delivery of Leadership and Management, Health and
Social Care and Coaching and Mentoring qualifications. We believe that
anything can be achieved with hard-work and dedication and we should
continue to develop ourselves to thrive in our roles to empower and grow
people to become great leaders via leadership and management training to
form high performing teams.
Workshops we offer…
Tissue Viability
This course will enable staff to identify the causes of skin breakdown and those
persons at risk, the signs, symptoms and prevention of pressure ulcers and their
role and responsibilities in relation to the identification and prevention of pressure
ulcers. N.B This training is not professional training for qualified nurses
Mental Health Awareness
This course will give staff knowledge of mental health illnesses and their impact
on people’s lives.
Dementia Awareness
This course will give staff an awareness of the main types of dementia and their
symptoms. It will also give staff an opportunity to discuss the experiences of
people with a dementia from a person-centred perspective.
Stroke Awareness
This course will give staff an awareness of how to identify the symptoms of a
stroke, who is at risk of a stroke, treating individuals who have had a stroke and
rehabilitation for stroke sufferers.
Parkinson’s Disease Awareness
This course will give staff information about the causes of Parkinson’s disease, the
signs of Parkinson’s disease, some of the issues faced by those with advanced
Parkinson’s and their carers.
The stages of Parkinson’s and how they develop. Ways to deal with and adapt
to worsening Parkinson’s symptoms and some of the resources available to the
carers of those with advanced Parkinson’s.
Continence Care
This course will give staff an understanding of the successful management of
incontinence, understand how incontinence affects the individual and gain
knowledge of skin breakdown and the relation to incontinence.
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Medication Awareness
This course will enable staff to ensure an individual’s independence is maintained
through enabling them to manage their own medication wherever possible. It
will also provide the knowledge to ensure assistance with medication is provided
in an appropriate and safe manner following a comprehensive risk assessment.

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