Work effectively in a team

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You might think that working on a team comes naturally, or that it can be learned on the job. Perhaps you believe that it is not as important as your role or individual tasks.

However, this fundamental skill is rare and therefore highly prized by employers!

While it is true that nothing prepares you better for working in a team than…. ☺️working in a team, you can avoid compromising your performance or feeling isolated if you understand common practices and issues, as well as behavioural techniques. These techniques will enable you to grow within and through the team as well as teach you how to benefit from the power of collective intelligence.

My name is Christine, and I will be leading you through this course, which I have designed by drawing on my dual careers in management and theatre.

I hope you’re ready to take on your star role as a super team player!

In this course you will learn how to:

Find your place in the team

Adopt a good relational dynamic

Use positive communication

Allocate tasks and delegate

Use collaborative tools

Organize effective, agile meetings

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