Human Resources (HR) departments are responsible for matters within businesses such as recruitment, payroll, employment policies and benefits. So, to make sure that you’re in the best place to succeed within the role and keep up with the latest industry news, you should keep up with HR blogs.

There are thousands out there for you to choose from, so it’s impossible to keep up to date with them all. To help you out, we’ve handpicked eight of our favourites that always provide great tips, helpful guidance and are worthwhile following this year.

bonusly hr blogs


Updated regularly, the Bonusly blog focuses on sharing fresh perspectives and new insights on common situations within HR departments. Sometimes, it’s great to know how people in similar positions would deal with the situations that you’re up against. A little reassurance goes a long way and enables you to feel a lot more confident in your job.

The blog covers issues around topics varying from building better workplaces to employee engagement – as well as everything in between too. By keeping up with Bonusly, not only are you getting a second opinion but it’s an expert opinion too. So, you can be sure that you’re always making decisions with your company’s best interests and success at heart.

Bonusly understands what challenges are commonly faced in the HR industry and their content is always relevant. It’s well written and super-interesting – be sure to check them out.

kazoo hr blogs


The Kazoo team create each blog as a collaboration, which is a meeting of minds from their full team. It’s an effective way of producing content as it gives their base of blogs a range of opinions and expertise to form their work around. After all, many minds put together are a lot stronger than one on its own, right?

Kazoo’s blog is based around all things employee engagement. This is an important factor in any business if companies want to get the best out of their workforce and for them to work as productively as possible. If an employee is highly engaged with a business, they’ll care more – and if they care more, they’ll naturally work harder to succeed.

“How can you improve employee engagement?” and “What are the main benefits of increasing employee engagement levels?” are both common questions for workers within the HR industry. Questions like these are often answered with waffle, however, with Kazoo you get clear, concise and honest answers.

evil hr lady hr blogs

Evil HR Lady

Suzanne Lucas is the person behind the Evil HR Lady. Having worked in HR roles for over 10 years, she has the experience and knowledge necessary to answer any pressing questions within the industry. She’s hired, fired and crunched the numbers of various businesses, so she definitely knows what she’s talking about.

One thing that she isn’t though, is evil. She’s honest, helpful and cares about your HR problems. Not only does she produce blogs around popular issues but she also takes questions via email to help you out. That doesn’t sound like the work of somebody evil, does it?

A lot of her blogs are written as first-person accounts of problems that have affected her in her career. Due to this personal touch, when reading the blogs it feels as though you’re talking to an actual person that cares – not just impersonal text on a screen. Readers are much more likely to be emotionally invested in a blog that gives real-life examples.

blue board hr blogs


As a blog, BlueBoard prioritises the way that businesses recognise their staff. After all, a business’ team members are their most valuable commodity. Without staff, businesses wouldn’t be able to operate. So, in order to get the most out of employees, businesses should realise that they need to recognise their staff sufficiently.

Beyond recognition and benefits packages, BlueBoard covers a wide range of topics including the complete employee lifecycle, employer branding and organisational empathy. A large part of succeeding within HR is making sure that every base is covered and a wide range of topics are included in the blog, that’s exactly what you can do.

They often hold webinars and online learning courses too and post the recordings of these on their blogs. This ensures that you won’t miss out on some of the top tips and guidance on offer. Little touches like this show that BlueBoard have your progress at the forefront of their content strategy.

snacknation hr blogs


SnackNation is different to the other blogs compiled in this list. It’s not a specific HR blog, however, it focuses on how you can improve your office and working environment. They spare no detail either. Whether it’s a brand new culture code you’re looking to write up or simply improving the snacks that are lurking in the kitchen, it’s all on here.

Company culture is important for both employers and employees. Businesses strive after being known as the “place to be” to work. They all want to be the company that’s well-known for its amazing culture and top working environment, as it attracts top-quality employees and also encourages business too.

As an employee, you want to work in the best place possible, don’t you? Nobody wants to dread going to work every day, you want to work in a place that inspires you and pushes you to be the best you can be. Their range of blogs outlines how you can implement this behaviour in the company you work for.

get hppy hr blogs

Get Hppy

This choice focuses solely on the employees and they’re all about establishing a true sense of happiness throughout the workplace. Get Hppy offers a fresh perspective and aims to answer any queries that HR workers may have and also presents various ideas that you can try out in your office.

Within HR, a lot of things are black and white and there’s little room for building- for example, employee legislation. So, any chance to get creative and try out new things within the office should be grabbed with both hands. The HR department set the tone for the employee culture, so it’s a great chance to delve into new ideas.

Creating a cool office space that people want to work in every day and that inspires the whole workforce is a rewarding and fun part of the HR role. If you’re stuck for some fresh ideas that could help take your business to the next level, this blog has plenty of inspiration.

tiny pulse hr blogs


For all things HR-related, you needn’t look any further than this blog. Employee retention, recruitment strategies and remote working are just some of the topics that it covers. Plus, not only does it provide great insight, but it’s written with a great sense of humour and isn’t afraid to touch on those grey areas that some businesses might be.

TINYpulse also explores different technologies and platforms that can help HR departments improve their efficiency. Improving efficiency is often a big priority for HR teams and the wider business too. So, any platforms that can help streamline business operations would be beneficial to the business you work for.

insperity hr blogs


The Insperity blog has one main focus and that’s to be a trusted provider of new ideas and business best practices. A HR department can’t ask for much more than that can they? The advice throughout the blog comes from a team of vastly experienced experts that closely analyse the industry for their findings.

They cover the wide range of most talked about topic areas within the industry, so that you’ll never be out of the loop. Plus, you’ll be up to speed on what the competition is doing within the industry, which could possibly spark some inspiration that you can then take into your company and roll out.

Education Doesn’t Stop at HR Blogs

Keeping up to date with the above-mentioned HR blogs is one way to further your knowledge and personal development. However, your workplace education options don’t stop there. There are plenty of courses that can help take your HR knowledge to the next level to improve your worth as an employee.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure where to find them – that’s our job! We’ve created a free partner pack for you to download that explains our services and how we can help. Grab your copy today.