Achieve Extraordinary Results With This NLP Master Guide by Alsion - Course Review

Are you looking to enhance your communication skills and achieve unique goals in your life? Look no further! This free online course on Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is here to guide you. Led by Juan Galvan, a digital marketing entrepreneur, this course provides a comprehensive introduction to NLP and its benefits in positive psychology. With a total learning time of 6-10 hours and CPD accreditation, this course offers a valuable opportunity for personal development.

Course Overview:

The “Achieve Extraordinary Results With This NLP Master Guide” course delves into the foundations of NLP, helping you understand the interaction between the conscious and unconscious mind. Through strategic language usage and models, you will learn how to effectively communicate and align your senses, thoughts, and emotions to achieve your objectives. The course consists of modules covering various aspects of NLP, providing a well-rounded learning experience.

Achieve Extraordinary Results With This NLP Master Guide by Alsion - Course Review

Module 1: NLP Foundation Learning and Outcomes:

In this module, you will gain a solid understanding of NLP’s foundations. You will explore the six main pillars of NLP, discover the power of outcomes and affirmations, and delve into the relationship between the conscious and unconscious mind. Additionally, you will explore the foundations of learning, setting the stage for further exploration of NLP principles.

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Module 2: Understanding Senses, Emotional State, and the Mind:

This module focuses on understanding the senses, emotional states, and the mind. You will learn how to build rapport and trust, explore representational systems and visualization techniques, and harness the power of anchors and the swish technique. Furthermore, you will unravel the learning from experience technique and gain insights into understanding timelines.

Module 3: Strategies, Language, and Models:

The third module delves into NLP strategies, language usage, and models. You will explore various categories of NLP strategies and principles, understand the power of language and questioning techniques, and uncover the practical aspects of the Meta and Milton models. Additionally, you will explore the concept of the unconscious mind and its significance in NLP.

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Module 4: The Power of Metaphor and Framing:

This module explores the power of metaphor and framing in NLP. You will learn about effective chunking and negotiation strategies, discover the five problem-solving frames, and unlock the power of reframing. Understanding the main elements of NLP and applying NLP patterns in your daily life will also be covered, along with living in line with NLP presuppositions.

Achieve Extraordinary Results With This NLP Master Guide by Alsion - Course Review

Course Assessment:

The course concludes with a final assessment to evaluate your understanding of the topics covered. Successfully completing the assessment will allow you to receive a CPD accredited Alison Diploma/Certificate, certifying the skills you have acquired throughout the course.

Benefits of Certification:

Completing this free online course and obtaining the CPD accredited certification offers several advantages. Firstly, it validates the skills and knowledge you have gained in NLP and positive psychology. Secondly, adding the Alison Certification to your resume distinguishes you from the competition, showcasing your commitment to personal growth. Lastly, sharing your certification with potential employers demonstrates your capabilities and can open doors for career advancement.

The “Achieve Extraordinary Results With This NLP Master Guide” course is an excellent opportunity to delve into the world of NLP and enhance your communication and personal development skills. With comprehensive modules covering the foundations, strategies, language, and power of metaphor in NLP, this course equips you with practical techniques to achieve your goals effectively. Enroll today and embark on a transformative learning journey.