CreativeLive - A Review on Learning Creativity from the Pros

When it comes to tapping into your creative potential, few platforms offer as much range, depth, and expertise as CreativeLive. A marketplace of creative courses, CreativeLive connects budding artists, writers, photographers, designers, and more with professionals at the top of their fields.

The platform’s unique approach to fostering creativity has made it a top destination for individuals looking to explore or deepen their creative talents. This review will provide an overview of my personal experience with CreativeLive.

Getting Started

Signing up for CreativeLive was a breeze, and I was immediately greeted with an array of courses across categories such as photography, art, music, and writing, each led by industry experts. Their intuitive interface made it easy for me to navigate through the categories and select courses that aligned with my interests.

Pros Cons
A broad variety of creative courses Some top-tier courses can be expensive
High-quality content produced by industry experts Not all courses offer interaction with instructors
An intuitive and user-friendly interface Some niche creative fields may not be covered
Live classes for real-time learning and feedback Course availability is subject to schedule
Vibrant and collaborative community No formal certification offered
Accessible across multiple devices Dependence on internet connection for streaming

The Course Experience

What truly sets CreativeLive apart is the quality of its instructors. Courses are led by seasoned professionals and industry leaders, offering users the chance to learn directly from the best in the business. Whether I was diving into a course on digital photography or exploring the foundations of creative writing, the depth of knowledge and real-world expertise provided by these instructors was truly impressive.

The courses themselves are well-structured, offering a mix of instructional videos, interactive assignments, and live classes. The production quality is top-notch, ensuring an engaging and immersive learning experience. Live classes offer a unique opportunity to interact with instructors in real time, ask questions, and receive feedback.

How does CreativeLive’s online-learning platform work?

Founded in 2010, CreativeLive is an online learning platform founded by Chase Jarvis, a photographer and artist, and Craig Swanson, an entrepreneur.

It continues to attract investors and adds new content every month. CreativeLive is a legit way to learn and improve your skills.

As well as artisans like dressmakers, jewellers, and bakers, it is a rich source of material for artists, photographers, and musicians.

Furthermore, CreativeLive offers lifestyle and self-improvement courses, including health, fitness, money management, and entrepreneurship.

Seattle-based CreativeLive, founded in 2010, has been acquired by Fiverr, a platform that connects businesses with freelancers.

Neither the terms of the deal nor the number of employees were disclosed. CreativeLive will remain a standalone organization, led by founder and CEO Chase Jarvis.

With more than 10 million students worldwide, CreativeLive offers live and recorded classes in photography, video, design, music, craft, and entrepreneurship from Pulitzer Prize winners, Grammy winners and Academy Award nominees.

woman discovering creativelive learning platform

Quality of the course is excellent

In the previous chapter, I discussed the factors that make up a great online course provider. My guess is that you are not going to need to be told that the quality of the courses is one of the absolute core features to consider when deciding whether or not Creative Live suits you.

Student Creative Live reviews will tell you that this is not something to worry about - the classes are actually top-notch!

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One of the standout features of CreativeLive is its vibrant and supportive community. The platform encourages active collaboration and engagement between learners. This creates a dynamic learning environment where you can share ideas, receive feedback, and learn from your peers as well as from the professionals.


In my experience, CreativeLive offers a unique and effective platform for learning and developing creative skills. The range of courses, the quality of instructors, and the supportive community all contribute to an enriching learning experience. Whether you are a budding artist looking to develop your talent, a hobbyist wanting to explore a new creative avenue, or a professional seeking to upskill, CreativeLive could be a fantastic choice for you. Explore your creative potential and learn from the pros with CreativeLive.