Boston City College

Founded in 1991, Boston City Campus has continually added courses to its offering, giving you more and more choices as to what you can study here

we have over 100 courses for you to choose from (Postgraduate, Degrees, Diplomas, Higher Certificates, Occupational courses and Short learning programmes), and cover many fields, including:

Management Marketing Accounting

Law Human Resources Social Science

Health Sports Information & Communications Technologies

Advertising Communications Public Relations

Business Administration Services Hospitality

Events Tourism Logistics & Supply Chain

Project Management Digital Music Entrepreneurship

INTERNATIONAL ACCREDITATION awards local institutions and programmes immediate recognition overseas. Rigorous evaluations are conducted and world-class standards must be met before these accreditations are awarded. Boston is:

accredited by the British Accreditation Council (BAC)

a candidate for accreditation of specific programmes with the Accreditation Council of Business Schools and Programs, United States of America

What this means, practically, is that:

it opens opportunities to explore overseas qualifications for further studies i.e. Honours (UK), Graduate (UK & USA), Postgraduate (UK & USA), etc.,

the quality of our qualifications have been externally verified against international standards for higher education, thereby providing you peace of mind, and

our qualifications support international employability.

We know what it took to get you here – so we’re there for you, every step of the way, with PERSONALISED SUPPORT:

45 Support Centres nationwide

Student Advisors

Online Educators

Free online Career Assessment

Free Financial Independence Short Course (once you’ve registered)


You learn at Boston using state-of-the-art technology-based training, and can study from anywhere, at any time – you won’t miss a lecture because you’re late, and you don’t have to be at a specific place at a specific time (until you write exams).

So you can study at home, at work, or at any of our 45 Support Centres nationwide.


Textbooks at Boston are included in your tuition fees

There are no application fees.

We have a variety of Payment Plans to suit your pocket.


Name Length Price Location
Sports Management 1 Year Info on application Lincolnshire
Hospitality Management 11-18 Months Info on application Lincolnshire
Diploma in Commerce in Public Relations 4 Years Info on application Lincolnshire
Diploma in Office Administration 4 Years Info on application Lincolnshire
Assistant Bookkeeper Info on application Info on application Lincolnshire