Cadcoe Construction & Design

Cadcoe provides a free talent finding service to construction businesses looking to recruit pre-trained CAD Technicians and Engineers.

We source aspiring designers and train them in the latest technical skills and software, before they join the workplace to complete advanced digital construction and design apprenticeships.

Courses Contact Info

Name Length Price Location
Intensive Digital CAD Course for Construction 16 Weeks £6,000 Shropshire
Fast-track Digital Engineering Apprenticeship Upto 3 Years Funded Shropshire
Creating 2D Fabrication Packages 3 Days £750.00 Shropshire
AutoCAD for Beginners 6 Days £750.00 Shropshire
3D Design for Modular Structures 1 Day £750.00 Shropshire

Cadcoe Construction & Design

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Tel: 01952 605549