What Are CTP Courses? Resettlement Training 101

Career Transition Partnership (CTP) courses are a process of resettling ex-servicemen and women into new careers after their time in the military.
What Are CTP Courses? Resettlement Training 101

Successful resettlement requires clear aims, extensive job intelligence and effective networking – all of which are heightened by undertaking a CTP course.

People looking to start a new career after their stint in the armed forces will be required to learn new skills. As well as the transferable skills that they’ll be able to use from their previous careers, each new position will require candidates to broaden their skillset. CTP courses are the perfect opportunity to develop the required skills for a variety of new careers.

So, are you eligible for a CTP course? Still unsure what they really are? Well, don’t worry, this post has got you covered. We’ll explain everything there is to know about the courses and how you can take the first steps to gain the qualifications needed for successful resettlement.

We’ll cover:

  • What is a CTP Course?
  • Why Bother with CTP Courses?
  • Do Employers Care About the Qualifications?
  • What is the Value of Hiring Somebody With CTP Qualifications?

What is a CTP Course?

Quite often, when people come out of the forces, they’re left wondering what their next move is. It can be quite daunting not knowing what you’d like to do or having an idea of what you’d like to move into but not knowing where to start. So, that’s where CTP courses come into play. They’re the perfect solution for people wanting to move into new careers after leaving the military.

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One thing that ex-military personnel have on their side is that they’re highly employable people. They’re courageous, respected, reliant and are prepared to put their life on the line for the task in hand – literally. All of these qualities will be looked at favourably by an employer – but you need to have the skills too to really stand out from the crowd.

CTP courses present ex-Army, Navy and Royal Air Force servants with the chance to learn new skills so that they can excel in further roles in their careers. Resettling somebody into a new career is a careful process that needs to be done properly so that the right follow up career is found for each individual.

CTP courses allow you to discover what direction you want your career to head in, what new skills you’re required to learn and how you can take an intelligent approach to network with future employers – this’ll help you get off on the right foot.

Why Bother with CTP Courses?

As we said, ex-forces personnel are desirable employees due to their characteristics. Which is great – if only employers hired team members based on character traits alone! So, to go with solid characteristic traits, you need to have the skills to be able to carry the job out to a high standard.

Without qualifications, employers will only have your word to go on. That’s all well and good until you’re applying for a job and come up against somebody who has the qualifications. If somebody has physical qualifications, it’s proven that they’ve got what it takes to carry out the job successfully. Employers will side with the person with qualifications as they’re seen as a lower risk than taking a chance on somebody’s word.

Completing a CTP course is a great way of showing that you’re willing to adapt to new situations and undergo the training required to better yourself for a new role. This mindset will stand you in good stead with an employer as it shows you are a proactive person and can have a positive effect on their business. Improving your skills will always ensure that your work is the highest standard it can be and that you’ll always work hard for the business too.

Do Employers Care About the Qualifications?

In short, yes. The more qualifications you have, the more you’re going to appeal to an employer, right? As we’ve mentioned, employers are much more likely to side with a candidate that has qualifications, as opposed to somebody who doesn’t. They’re less risk as they have proven to have the capabilities to carry out the advertised job.

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Employers won’t take risks with their business – fact. Whether it’s key financial decisions or recruitment, businesses won’t rush into things and will make calculated decisions which they think will work best. So, if somebody has qualifications, they’re more likely to produce better results for a company and ease into the role a lot better, aren’t they?

Mistakes cost money – and that’s the last thing that businesses want to face. It could be a small mistake or a huge one, either way, it’s going to increase costs for the company, which they won’t be happy about. Employing someone with qualifications minimises the chance of mistakes being made. Obviously, qualifications can’t account for human error but they’re less likely to make mistakes than somebody without any qualifications.

What is the Value of Hiring Somebody With CTP Qualifications?

Throughout the UK, people have nothing but admiration for the military and the job they’re doing. Anyone willing to risk their own lives for their country’s freedom is a hero and demands respect. That’s why a lot of businesses are eager to employ ex-military personnel. Not only are they reliable workers, but any business seen to be supporting ex-forces members will be looked at amicably by their existing and potential customers.

So, the CTP qualifications are of great value to the business. It shows to businesses that people are wanting to change their careers and are willing to put in the effort and work hard for their goals. Therefore, businesses will be willing to employ people upon completion, as they can showcase their support for the scheme and build a credible brand image too.

Just like supporting charities, if businesses are seen to be supporting ex-forces members, they’re going to go down well with the public. Plus, in return for this favourable view by their customers they get an honest, hard-working and most importantly, qualified team member.

CTP courses prove to employers how much you want the job you’re looking to resettle into. This shows that you have a keen interest from day one and that you’re not just angling for jobs wherever you can get them. Dedication is seen as a form of motivation, so the employer will know that you’re ready and willing to take on the challenge of working for their organisation.

Find the Perfect CTP Course With Course Finder 365

So, now you know what a CTP course is and how it can help, it’s time to find the perfect solution that’s right for you. One things for sure, you definitely shouldn’t rush into a decision when choosing a course option. You need to be sure that the syllabus is suited to your learning style and that you’re actually keen on the course.

Otherwise, you can be left feeling demotivated and won’t complete the course to the best of your ability or come out with the results that you sought after. Leaving the military and starting a whole new career can be daunting, so it’s easy to get caught up when looking where to start your CTP course.

That’s where we come in. At Course Finder 365, we’re dedicated to helping you find the right course provider that suits your every need. We have hundreds to choose from, so you can be sure that you’re making the right decision when choosing one. To find out more, download our free media pack and see for yourself everything that we have to offer.