What Is A CLAIT Course? A Business Guide

Computers play a pivotal role in everyday and business life. If you want to make yourself as employable as possible, computer literacy is one of the minimum requirements in modern times.
What Is A CLAIT Course? A Business Guide

If you’re incompetent in minimum basic computer functions, it’s unlikely that your CV is going to stand out to employers when recruiting.

Computer Literacy and Information Technology (CLAIT) courses are perfect for people who need to smarten up on their computer skills. It sits within the ITQ, which is a widely recognised IT qualification, so it looks great to employers who are checking out your capabilities and skill set.

So, is it the right course for you? Don’t worry if you’re not sure, this post will explain everything you need to know about CLAIT courses including previous experience required to enrol on one and what they’re worth.

We’ll cover:

  • Why Do You Need an IT Qualification?
  • How Many People Are CLAiT qualified?
  • Is Prior Experience a Necessity?
  • Are All CLAiT Courses the Same?
  • What Are CLAiT Courses Worth?
  • Where Can You Study CLAiT?

Why Do You Need an IT Qualification?

Technology is rapidly advancing and shows no sign of slowing down, nor does it show signs of becoming any simpler. Things are only going to develop further and systems are only going to get more complicated as time goes on, aren’t they? With that being said, gaining a basic knowledge of IT systems will give you a good starting point to broaden your knowledge of more advanced systems in the future.

Applicants without any formal qualification will be left behind on the job market. You could be the biggest whiz on a computer but if you don’t have the relevant qualifications, the chances are that an employer won’t take a chance on you. They’ll see somebody with physical certifications and qualifications as a safer bet and will no doubt side with them.

75 percent of the working population use computers. Without gaining these skills, you’re limiting yourself to what jobs you can carry out.

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How Many People Are CLAiT Qualified?

Being computer literate doesn’t always mean that you have to possess a qualification. A lot of people pick up a computer and are self-taught – especially the older generations, who didn’t have the luxury of qualifying whilst they were in school. That doesn’t mean they don’t know how to work a computer though.

It’s thought that over 2.5 million people are CLAiT qualified in the UK. This shows that it’s a credible qualification and that a lot of people value it – especially employers. Think about it, if somebody has a physical qualification in computer literacy, they’re going to be a more appealing candidate to employers than somebody who has picked things up over the years, aren’t they?

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By becoming CLAiT qualified, you’re bettering yourself and gaining an advantage on other people that don’t have a physical qualification. Not only does this make your employability soar but it also shows that you’re willing to better yourself in your own time – this training ethic is another characteristic that employers will look favourably on.

Is Prior Experience a Necessity?

Whether you’ve never picked up a computer before or use it regularly but want to broaden your ability and knowledge, CLAiT courses could be well suited to you. The ITQ qualifications are split up into ability levels, so no previous qualifications are required to get onto the course. The level you’ll be entered at all depends on how familiar you are with a computer.

Level one is the beginner entry-level. At this stage, no prior experience is required and you’ll learn the very basics of using a computer. It could be the first time you’ve ever turned on a computer on day one of the course and you’d be more than fine for the qualification.

Level two and three are for the more advanced abilities. These qualifications will look deeper into the more technical uses of a computer and the more business-critical functionalities. For these levels, you’ll need to have used a computer before and have a sound level of ability to use it – at least to a basic level, anyway.

Are All CLAiT Courses the Same?

As we’ve mentioned above, the course is divided by ability levels so dependent on which level you’re entered on, you’ll have a different experience on the course. The course leader goes into the level of depth that is suitable for your ability so you can learn the right skills without being overwhelmed.

Entry-level one is the new stage. This acts as a foundation level for the higher levels of the course and teaches students the very basics of computing. Upon completion, students can then progress onto level two of the course, which focuses on using key computer programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel – these two are the bare minimum that employers will expect in your computer literacy.

The most challenging level of CLAiT is level three. This level is designed with experienced computer users in mind. Level three delves into the depths of your existing skills and gives extra knowledge to those who are already comfortable with computers. Computer literacy at this level will definitely set you apart from other candidates when applying for a role.

What Are CLAiT Courses Worth?

Level one is an ITQ qualification that is roughly the same difficulty level as a GCSE grade D-G, with level two increasing to the equivalent of an A*-C. Despite what level you study at, they’re all respected ITQ qualifications – which is something that employers will admire and as we mentioned earlier, they’ll value that you’re determined to better yourself in your spare time.

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The level three qualification roughly equates to the same level as an A-Level or an NVQ level three. Not only is this a top qualification in itself, but is again looked at favourably by employers and higher educational institutions too.

Where Can You Study CLAiT?

From colleges to home studying, CLAiT courses can be completed in various settings. It all depends on how much time you can dedicate to the qualification and whether you have other working commitments. So, it’s completely up to you, you just need to find the right solution that suits your way of learning.

It’s vitally important to choose a training provider that is compatible with your learning style and that you actually like too. If it’s not well suited, it’s likely that you won’t put your full effort and dedication into it – and if you don’t like the course, then you’ll start to dread your learning time which can be really demotivating.

At Course Finder 365, we’re dedicated to finding the right course provider that suits your every need. We understand that having fun while learning is a great way to excel in your studies, that’s why we work hard to evaluate all options and find which one is perfect for you to attain the best results.

Find the Perfect CLAiT Course For You

IT qualifications are a necessity in the modern world. Not only are more things becoming digitally dominated, but the majority of the business world takes place on computers. Without these necessary skills, you’re lowering your chances of securing a job and making yourself unappealing to employers.

CLAiT courses are perfect for people with different levels of experience. Whether you’re a beginner or very knowledgeable, there’s an option to suit everyone. So, what options can you choose from? Well, we’ve created a free media pack that outlines our services. Download it today and take the first step in advancing your computer literacy.