How To Become A Training Provider - College And University Edition

For training providers, especially colleges and universities, it can be a frustrating and time-consuming task to recruit the best talent to your courses.
How To Become A Training Provider - College And University Edition

It’s a buyers market out there – the potential students have all the power and the list of competitors just keeps growing. You have to fight against hundreds of institutions to get access to the highest quality intakes.

So how can this process be more streamlined and efficient? You can talk to us.

At Course Finder 365, we understand how difficult it is to get your university or college brand in front of the right students and parents – the ones that are high achievers and highly committed. The ones that will come back again to study more after they finish their first qualification.

By listing your courses on our training platform, we’ll do all the work for you. You’ll be displaying your course advertisements in front of thousands of learners who are all willingly trying to better themselves and develop their skill set. You don’t have to do anything except watch the leads come in.

How to become a training provider with us? Well, it’s really simple – and we’ll explain how here – but it’s also crucial for us to explain *why *it’s worth advertising with us. Read on to find out.

In this post, we’ll cover:

How to Become a Training Provider with Course Finder 365

Course Finder 365 offers a tailored approach to the learner-provider relationship. We act as a gateway for colleges and universities to access prospective students they would never have been able to before. So, let’s get into our process!

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1. Booking Your Consultation

Before we work on anything else, it’s critical for us to fully understand your institution – who you are, what your courses and training involve and what type of students you’re looking for. We have to be sure you’re the right fit for the visitors to our listings. Equally, you should be confident in our abilities to deliver the right leads for you to convert into your newest student intake!

2. Building Your School Profile

Once you sign up to advertise with us, our dedicated team will work with you to start your online profile. This is where visitors will be able to see your college or university description, your available courses, course reviews, the location of your campus and any further information they may require.

To be as effective as possible at communicating your brand, we go into great detail with your profile. That way, prospective students can easily see whether you’re a perfect fit for them and you can start conversations with warmer, qualified leads.

3. Building Your Course Profile

Once we’ve completed your institutional profile, we’ll move onto scoping out each individual course or training you provide – highlighting to the student all the valuable details that they need to know about the relevant course. From course descriptions to available dates, costs, qualifications needed and any other relevant information.

Every course is individually tailored and curated to attract the most suitable candidates possible. The profile layout is also specifically designed to make the navigation experience as simple and intuitive as it can be for visitors to enquire.

4. Watch the Students Roll In!

We have some more great news – while you’re advertising with us, you’ll have access to your own client portal, where you can manage leads, course details, results, statistics and advertisements.

Not only can you keep track of your data and enquiries, but you can also access our helpful guidance and tips on how to improve your performance. We have a library of informational content and assets ready at your fingertips, designed to help you with acquisition, conversion and retention of students. In addition to expert guides on setting up your profile, setting up featured advertisements and more.

What are the Benefits to Advertising with Us?

advertising with us benefits

We Do the Marketing For You

If you advertise with us, there’s no need to invest in marketing for your courses and training to drive traffic; we’ve already done that.

At Course Finder 365, our goal is to remove all the frustrations and extra investiture it takes to reach those all-important students, so you can place your sole focus on building an amazing educational brand.

Not only that, we’ve spent lots of time cultivating a visitor base that is highly targeted and in the right mindset to make a decision. Something that’s invaluable to colleges and universities who are interested in filling courses quickly and efficiently; for example, during the clearing period, when places are ready to be taken at a moment’s notice.

We’re Experts in the Industry

Our team at Course Finder 365 has decades of experience working with both learners and training providers, like universities and colleges, to produce amazing opportunities and outcomes for both parties.

Consequently, we’ve amassed a shortlist of the highest standard training providers. Advertising with us puts your institution on the same platform, giving you that same credibility and stamp of approval in the eyes of prospective students and employers.

Because of our close links with both training providers and learners, we have also garnered a reputation for quality service. That reputation extends to our visitors, who know they’ll receive the highest standard of matching and customer experience. As a training and course provider advertising with us, your university or college will benefit from the same brand perception.

Start Advertising With Us Today!

So, now you know how to become a training provider with Course Finder 365. It’s so simple to start your journey to advertising with us and matching to the perfect students, at the perfect time for your course list.

So what are you waiting for?

Contact us right now.

For a much more detailed view of the technicalities behind the platform and how they can benefit both learners and training providers, we’ve created our free Partner Pack. The pack includes everything you need to know about Course Finder 365, how we operate and even more on the benefits advertising with us can have for your institution.